Critical IIlness Cover

Critical Illness cover VaultCritical Illness cover pays a tax free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified medical condition, or become totally and permanently disabled during the term of a policy. The plans we recommend would also pay benefits in the event of total and permanent disability that results in you being completely unable to work in your own occupation, as opposed to any occupation, even down to your professional specialty.

Most of us accept that we ought to consider the implications of a critical illness or disability, particularly if we have dependents. We go on until the unthinkable accident or illness occurs and we suddenly realise we’re unable to pay for things we may need:

  • A holiday or extended period off work in which to recuperate;
  • Home improvements;
  • Carer for the family;
  • Pension provision
  • Existing financial commitments, e.g. mortgage, school fees etc.

Modern medicine is great at saving lives but it cannot protect you from the financial implications of being diagnosed with a critical illness. These can be devastating – both for your family and your career. Critical illness cover alone will not repair the damage to your health or your personal finances in the event of being incapable of working. However, it can relieve some of the financial pressure, providing you with access to time for rehabilitation.

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