To deliver sophisticated and modern financial planning solutions, we make use of the latest technology to analyse current situations in order to seek the best solution for our clients so that they have the potential to achieve their financial goals. We have strong business ties and links with leading specialist research companies. These are:


True PotentialTP

The most comprehensive range of electronic valuations in the industry with an individual online page for you, which provides live valuations and a document management store. In addition to providing web space and valuations, True Potential provides their own investment platform providing over 16,000 investment options, including a complete range of risk-rated strategies from leading fund managers, and a fully integrated system that streamlines the investment process.

Iress TrigoldTrigold

Leading mortgage sourcing software system enabling us to find the best value deal for our clients from analysis of the whole market. This system not only shows us the mortgages being offered to intermediaries but also those that are being offered direct to the public. By using this software in conjunction with effective mortgage planning throughout the mortgages life, we can save thousands of pounds off a traditional mortgage.

Iress ExchangeExchange

We make use of the extensive research tools of The Exchange in order to find the best value for money protection products for our clients. This system provides quotes on over 350 products from more than 50 providers and enables us to effectively plan our client’s protection needs throughout their career. This ensures that they are never paying more than they need to and are protected against life’s uncertainties at the times they need it most.

O&M Investments & Pensions ProfilerO&M

Pension & Investment research software providing whole market analysis and reports on the most complex areas of financial planning. With hundreds of different pension plans available and thousands of investment funds, it is impossible for one to know which is the best provider and which are the best funds. Such planning saves our clients thousands of pounds during the course of their investment and retirement planning.