Testimonials StethoscopeRebecca Winterborn

“I cannot believe that Janus Consultancy have been looking after my personal finances for almost 15 years! I first met my advisor when I was a Junior Doctor and have always been impressed with his knowledge and approach. I have always felt in control of any decisions I have made. Janus Consultancy now also look after my husband, however, despite our forever changing situation they always ensure that any suggestions suit both our interests. The whole team are always helpful and courteous and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Janus Consultancy offer a personal touch which is so often lacking in this day and age. Best Wishes for their continuing success.”

Ben Smith and Verity Turner

“My Janus Financial Consultant and his team have supported and directed our financial planning over several years guiding us through pension choices, savings, insurances and a house purchase. Their advice to us as a medic and non-medic is well researched and presented in a friendly and clear way that means we have total trust and confidence in their recommendations. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services for both medical and non-medical professionals. Thank you, Janus!”

Sarah Westbury

“I first heard about Janus Financial Consultancy through a presentation at the doctor’s mess when I started work as an F2 doctor in Oxford in 2008. At that time, I had just got married and had moved out of free hospital accommodation, so it seemed like a sensible time to consider my finances. Following the presentation I arranged a meeting with one of Janus’ Financial Consultants. He was not only knowledgeable and clear in his explanations, but also tolerant of my ignorance about all matters financial and my aversion to risk! I felt he really took the time to understand what I wanted from the company and what my financial priorities were. Following that first meeting we were able to focus on what I felt was important – improving my income protection, saving some money regularly and starting a small private pension. Since then, my needs have changed, and my Janus Financial Consultant has ensured I have got the best possible mortgage, life assurance and critical illness cover as well as making sure I continue to save effectively.

Crucially, Janus Financial Consultancy has been on hand through my move from Oxford to Bristol, my career progression from F2 through core medical training to a haematology registrar post, and most recently to my current position as a clinical research fellow completing a PhD. The company’s understanding of medical career progression, NHS pay and pensions means that my Financial Consultant is explaining this to me not the other way round, demonstrating the specialist medical service you get from Janus. Janus Financial Consultancy reminds me when it is time to renew or reconsider my financial policies, visits me at work or at home in Bristol at my convenience, and through Janus’ excellent website I can keep track of all my important policies and documents. Even when you are really busy, Janus makes sure you can still take care of your finances, and I recommend the company wholeheartedly.”

Lee Salkeld

“The service provided by my Janus Financial Consultant and his colleagues has been faultless. Their attention to detail and taking time to listen to my aims and objectives has meant that I am able to provide for my family in the long-term (even if I become ill or die). Their service has always been prompt and supportive and tailored to the individual. They have never tried to force any products or services into my portfolio and have always taken time to ensure that I understand the products I am investing into. I have recommended, without reservation, Janus Consultancy to friends and colleagues (who are also now happy clients with Janus Financial Consultancy).”

Richard Skone

“Janus Financial Consultancy have been helping us for over 10yrs. We have been with them since we qualified. They have helped us through many changes in our lives and made sure we can always understand what we are doing. They are always available to explain and help us with products and have gone over and above what you would expect. We have recommended them to others and thoroughly recommend their services.”