Life Insurance

VaultWe all tend to assume that we will live a long and fruitful life and often do not consider the impact and consequences our death would have on the people closest to us. Maybe in these busy times it is one area of our life that we just do not think about. Who wants to think about the consequences if we are not around to support our family? However dealing with such issues provides peace of mind knowing that in the event of misfortune your loved ones can be financially protected and avoid any financial hardship.

Most people may already have some form of financial protection some in the form of mortgage protection to ensure that the mortgage is repaid. However it is important to consider the wider financial needs especially if you are the main earner.

There are a number of different products currently on the market and life insurance does not have to be expensive. Premiums have actually reduced due to an increase of competition joined with medical science advances and life expectancy increasing. With the increased competition new innovative products with more flexibility are being used for people with different or specific needs.

Even if you have life insurance in place already, with your ever changing family and financial situation it’s even more important to review your current arrangements to ensure that your protection needs are fully covered. It may be that your situation has not been reviewed for some time and you may be paying more than you really need to. We can arrange for an independent assessment of your needs with a qualified adviser who can discuss your requirement and provide recommendations to suit your circumstances.

For a quotation, please go to our Quotation Centre for Term Life Insurance and/or Mortgage Life Insurance quotations. Alternatively if you wish to enquire about a tailored solution, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for a no obligation initial consultation over email or telephone.